Cressi Saftey 111


The features on the new Safety 111 jacket clearly distinguish it from the other models in the Cressi range. The idea in the design stage was to create a top range model with increased buoyancy compared to the traditional BCs, made using original combinations of different materials and equipped with a lot of accessories. The result has been achieved in full with an innovative bag design, which has a particularly large rear formation, halfway between the traditional one and a rear volume jacket.

The internal volume of a size M is some 19.5 liters against the 13 liters of an Aqualight (*). To achieve this result, apart from the special conformation of the air volumes, the bag itself has been freed up from the shoulder straps that have no air chamber and simply serve as a sling. To prevent drag from the bag and an adverse hydrodynamic shape when the jacket is deflated, the lower part of this is attached to the front section by adjustable expansion control elastic band. All the straps are separate from the bag, not only the shoulder straps, but also the elastic cummerbund, which fits snugly against the body, irrespective of how inflated the jacket is.

When the bag is filled with a large volume of air, it opens out like a book, without squeezing the diver’s body at all. The cummerbund has an adjustable strap that stretches as well. Lastly, there is another chest strap, also adjustable. All buckles have a new design, and use the simplified Easy System open/closed release system. There are 4 specific pockets for using integrated weights: 2 rear elongated shape ones (that can also be used for any accessories) and two C-Trim zippered weight pockets, with Velcro closing to attach to the jacket. The two C-Trim pockets come with a specific quick-extraction handle for speedy release and all the weight pockets, side and rear, come with a new plastic rustproof safety button. As for materials, the jacket combines the exceptional strength of the 1000 denier Cordura with inserts made from a special 420 denier nylon self-draining net, with the addition of a new soft grip material, which feels good to the touch and is attractive to look at. The accessories include three deflation valves, a comfortable, well-padded adjustable backpack using soft grip material and a high number of polished stainless steel D-rings, in an angled shape for easier attachment of accessories.

Two large zippered side pockets mean even bulky accessories can be stowed. Technical features and strong points:
• New bag conformation with large internal volume
• Adjustable lower expansion control elastic bands
• Bag freed from shoulder straps and sling
• 2 rear weight pockets with safety button
• 2 C-Trim weight pockets with handle and safety button
• Elastic cummerbund, separate from bag
• Adjustable elastic waist strap
• New Easy System buckles
• 3 deflation valves
• Backpack padded with soft grip material
• New angled stainless steel D-rings
• Use of 3 different materials (1000 dn Cordura, 420 dn nylon net, soft grip)
• Two large utility zippered pockets

Cressi Saftey 111. Välj typ: 4235 SEK